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Water Wars!

Most of the information in this post is thanks to information found on the "Packages Trust" website, many thanks to them.

Afrigreen has been marketing water harvesting and storage systems for over a decade now in South Africa. In that time we have seen the massive crisis the City of Cape Town experience with Day Zero efforts to reduce water usage.

What is often not reported in main stream media, is the ever increasing pressures communities, cities and countries are facing with climate change so prevalent, and the ever increasing populations the planet now supports. In places such as India's Bangalore, the existing infrastructure can only support 60% of the ever increasing demand placed on it, by the rapidly expanding city. The 40% shortfall is mainly supplied by a massive fleet of private tanker truck delivering much needed water. Ground water tables are running dry as people attempt to "top up" short falls through borehole drilling. Indian "think tank" organizations are now predicting that by 2020 there will be a massive shortfall in water supply to the populations of most major cities.

Further afield in Africa and the Middle East, rivers are drying up, and this worldwide trend has seen a measurable rise in conflicts directly attributed to water scarcity from about ~16 recorded in the 1990" to over 70 in the past 5 years.

So, we can see a trend, especially by countries who have relied on neighbours, like Singapore has with Malaysia for water, in large investments in independent water control and storage.

We at Afrigreen believe that the same should be true of each homeowner and building operator. Budgets need to be developed and administered to self storage and filtration, because the writing is on the wall, that this will be the standard going forward.

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