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Climate and how it effects our health.

I found this information of the personal blog site of Maria Neira, who at the time of writing this, is the head of Department of Public Health, Environmental and Social Determinants of Health at the World Health Organization.

She goes onto explain that ~7million lives are lost on a yearly basis due to air pollution, which is as a direct result of carbon based energy systems that continue to spew waste into the atmosphere. When we interrogate the costs, research points to the fact that air pollution costs OECD economies on average about 4% of their GDP, this translates to even higher figures in some ASIAN countries who spend as much as 10% of their GDP on pollution related health issues.

If countries combine the costs of health, with the subsidies they already provide fossil fuel industries into a mechanism to encourage cycling and public transport, investing in renewable energy, reducing emissions from industry and agriculture, and promoting cleaner energy and technologies for cooking, heating, refrigeration, and transportation, we could provide a far better environment for future generations.

Seems like a simple message, to us at Afrigreen.

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